July/August 2014 Issue

Ruger's LCS, Kahr CM9, Fall-Winter Shooting, Carbines. …

July/August 14-PG 28

Pistol Caliber Carbines for Home Defense

By Bob Campbell, Contributing Editor I am interested in exploring every avenue in personal defense to give the honest homeowner and citizen an advantage. … Read More...

Peggy T Crop

From the Editor

The mainstream media seems to be having trouble differentiating between “fault,” “cause,” and “contributing factor,” especially when it comes to high-profile … Read More...

PG 24

BUNDLE UP! Shooting in Cold Weather.

By Carolee Anita Boyles, Contributing Editor It’s summer now, but fall will be upon us soon enough, and with it cooler weather. Shooting in the cold—whether … Read More...


July August 14- PG 12

Buying Used Guns

By Carolee Anita Boyles, Contributing Editor Like fine wine, some guns just get better with age. Take the 1955 … Read More...

PG 15-1

KAHR CM9: Ultra Compact and Economical Offering for Defense

By Diane Walls, Contributing Editor Kahr has offered small-framed, well-made and reliable handguns for defense for … Read More...



Defensive Strategies- Lyn Bates

Even a routine traffic stop can present challenges to gun owners.


Legally Speaking- Karen L. MacNutt

Values shape a national character.


Making A Difference- Genie Jennings

The road block to Constitutional Carry is fear.