January/February Issue

Should you have a backup gun,carry consideration, new trends in cleaning guns and more. … Read More...

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Do You Need a Back Up Gun?

By Carolee Anita Boyles  Contributing Editor  You've invested time and training learning to defend yourself. You have your carry permit, a firearm for self … Read More...

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EEA Corp. Witness Pavona Designed with Women in Mind

By Diane Walls Contributing Editor  EAA has been selling Witness pistols for several years in the US with many offerings to choose from. The Pavona variant of … Read More...


Bereta Nano is A Reliable, Comfortable 9mm Compact

By Bob Campbell Contributing Editor  When choosing a personal defense handgun, the standards for reliability must be high. Wound ballistics, accuracy and control … Read More...


Peggy T Crop

From the Editor

If you don’t stay up late on Dec. 31 you miss the official start of the New Year and its attendant hoopla. But whenever … Read More...

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New Trends in Cleaning Gear

By Carolee Anita Boyles Contributing Editor  Just like fashions, popular firearms come and go. What everyone is … Read More...


‘Shop Where You Shoot’ A New Business Concept

By Joseph P. Tartaro President SAF The firearms industry seems to be a good breeding ground for entrepreneurship. New products and services are always popping up, usually to fill some perceived need, whether for self-and-home defense, competition, hunting or just plinking. And it’s not always new guns or ammunition. Not surprisingly many of these gun […]

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Redesigned Ruger LC9 is Self-Defense Gem

By Bob Campbell, Contributing Editor Ruger’s new LC9S compact handgun has given me pause for thought. The handgun is more capable than I would have thought, and frankly, perhaps Ruger should have re-designated the handgun altogether. It is that different from the original LC9. The outline, grip and magazine are the same but the new […]


Defensive Strategies- Lyn Bates

Surprises  and Lessons from Active  Shooters.