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Sources and Specifications for SIG M17 feature, Page 10 SIG SAUER, Inc. 72 Pease Blvd., Dept. WG Newington NH 03801 Caliber 9mm Luger Action … Read More...

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I’m a slightly snobby tea drinker, with a preference for a British teabag for most cups, and a nice, tippy Assam when I have the time to brew. That doesn’t, … Read More...

2018 Holiday Gift Suggestions

  By Lyn Bates, Contributing Editor This might be the final answer to the “I can’t rack the slide” problem. I admit it, I hate real spiders. I’ve … Read More...


FBI Crime Report 2017: Violent Crime Down

The estimated number of violent crimes across the United States declined slightly in 2017 by 0.2% from the previous … Read More...

The Shotgun: Real Security and Defense

  By Bob Campbell, Contributing Editor Everyone has free advice, but you must consider the source. … Read More...


2018 Holiday Gift Suggestions, Part 2

  By Scott Smith It is very hard to think Christmas when you can be parboiled outside. Fear not though, the big box outdoor stores have a way of snapping us back to reality―Christmas decorations. The migratory birds flying south from Canada are also a real reminder that winter and Christmas are not far behind. […]

An On-Body Carry Option for Runners

By John Markwell Our daughter Katie, her husband and child (on his “pusher bike”) went for a run recently through the private campground near our home. We live in the heart of the Allegheny Mountains and get a fair number of visitors who come to partake of the many recreational opportunities the area has to […]

SIG P320 M17 Civilian Model

  By Bob Campbell, Contributing Editor I have carried and used SIG pistols for many years. I have been issued the SIG P226 and also carried the SIG P220. I have the greatest respect for SIG pistols and particularly appreciate their reliability. When the brass supplied officers with the SIG we knew that they had […]