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January/February Issue

Welcoming in the New Year... …

Browning is debuting the Black Label 1911-380 Pro in 2016.

More Women Buying Handguns And Many New Models Debut in 2016

By Dave Workman, Contributing Editor No doubt about it, increasing numbers of women, including a lot of Millenials, are showing a growing interest in gun … Read More...

Amanda Suffecool, center left, and her gunsmith brother Rob
Campbell, both ALICE active shooter response instructors, were
photographed with two other volunteers for an active shooter drill.

Amanda Suffecool of REALIZEfac: One hard charging gun activist

By Joseph P. Tartaro President, SAF Some gunowners are gun rights activists that keep informed and keep after their government representatives. Some gunowners … Read More...

Art is good but the underlying product must be good. This is good kit.
The Eclipse holster shows good retention.

Eclipse Holsters: A Bright New Star

By Bob Campbell, Contributing Editor Any tool needs load bearing gear when the tool is not actually in use. The handgun must be carried in an accessible … Read More...


The Taser C2 is designed for the civilian market. It is capable of firing
wired prongs from short distances or contact, aka drive, stunning.
One of the better stun options available, it still requires solid contact
to be effective. (Photo by Bob Jackson)

Building a Defensive Toolbox

By Diane Walls, Contributing Editor In all self-defense arts, the question comes up in discussions among … Read More...

It isn’t difficult to train for different ranges. Use a ‘reduced’ size
target to simulate longer range. Then remove it for close range practice. It works.

Distance and Time Drills Serve Self-Defense Well

By Bob Campbell, Contributing Editor As Saint Augustine said, time and space are the same thing— but he did not have … Read More...


Peggy T Crop

From the Editor

Sometimes things that are completely disparate come together in a weird way. On Dec. 2, which happens to be my younger sister’s birthday, I was home in the mid-afternoon doing a few chores and getting about some meal preparations. As I sorted the mail after taking the dog out for a romp, I flipped on […]

Karen L. MacNutt

Legally Speaking- Karen L. MacNutt

Getting to the heart of mass shootings.


Making A Difference- Genie Jennings

Bloomberg’s “Everytown” is a sinister Potemkin village.