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September/October Women & Guns

    Are you ready for action? In this issue.... … Read More...

Missouri Student Wins SCTP Title, Browning Scholarship

Missouri Student Wins SCTP Title, Browning Scholarship The 2016 Scholastic Clay Target Program’s (SCTP) National team Championships at the Cardinal Shooting Center … Read More...

(Boston,MA 07/23/16) Attendees hold signs  on Saturday,July 23, 2016 at statehouse rally in opposition to the recent actions of attorney general Maura Healy. Staff photo by Patrick Whittemore.

Massachusetts Gunowners Protest AG’s ‘Copycat’ Gun Ban

By Joseph P. Tartaro, SAF President Hundreds—maybe thousands—of gun rights activists lined Boston’s Beacon Street in front of the State House on the morning of … Read More...

France Reeling After Latest Terror Attack

  France is again reeling after another night of carnage in Nice left at least 84 Bastille Day revelers dead and dozens more injured. While the suspect, … Read More...


SAF Sues Illinois over foster parent 2A rights

By Dave Workman, Senior Editor The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) is back in court in Illinois, this time filing a … Read More...

Anti’s Try Kidnapping NRA’s Eddie the Eagle

The National Rifle Association’s Eddie the Eagle gun safety program that has taught important gun safety rules to some … Read More...


Peggy T Crop

From the Editor

When I’m taking Augie the wonder dog for his 6:30 am walk I am always amazed at the number of people who are out and about—and on their phones. If I didn’t have an adorable little mixed Australian Cattle Dog-Dachshund, I would be fast asleep at that hour. This morning we narrowly avoided a woman […]

WaPo “Fact Checker” Awards Obama Three Pinocchio’s on Guns

By Dave Workman, Contributing Editor Continuing a string of admonishments for Barack Obama in the pages of the Washington Post (WaPo), the newspaper’s popular “Fact Checker” recently awarded the president “three Pinocchios” for his assertion that it is easier for a teen to buy a Glock than it is to get a book. During his […]

"Emoji" of realistic looking gun being replaced by Apple and new "toy" version that replaces it.  Anti-gunners have claimed it as a gun control "victory" in a year that has seen them try and fail at legislative approaches.

Gun Controllers “Winning” Emoji War

Gun Controllers “Winning” Emoji War An August Washington Post online feature detailed a campaign by anti-gunners to remove a realistic looking gun emoji from the cyber world. Emoji’s are pictorial images, often cartoonish, which depict “emotions” or thoughts and are used in texts or emails in place of a word or words for emphasis. Perhaps […]